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Gas – Stockholm Gas, Slussen

In February 2014, Stockhoms city received the necessary permits from the Land and Environment Court to start work on the new underground facilities required for the giant project on traffic junction Slussen.  A significant part of Stockholm’s real estates are


Fortum’s supply lines to Kista Science City were lowered for roadworks

Kista district in the west of Stockholm is the meeting place for around 1,000 companies, active in telecommunications and information technology, gathered in Kista Science City. District cooling is delivered to the area by Fortum, through a supply line to

Line Stopping of pipes with pressures up to 24 bar and 120˚C

In order to be even better at meeting our customers’ demands and requirements, we have expanded our tool capabilities, both in number and with a substantial performance increase. We can today offer line stopping of pipes with pressures up to


New cooling system installed after the fire in Swedbank’s office

The head office of Sweden’s largest bank, Swedbank, employs 900 people who have their workplace in Stockholm. When a fire started in the building most of them had thankfully finished for the day. However, the house was badly damaged and


Damaged valves were changed at the Neste Oil refinery in Finland

Neste Oil is the world’s leading producer of green diesel and owner of petrol stations in Finland, Russia and the Baltic countries. Moreover, the company’s refinery also delivers air fuel and when problems occurred on this part of the plant


Fortum moved lines to the Old Town for the reconstruction of Slussen

Slussen (the Lock) is one of Stockholm’s busiest traffic junctions, connecting the west and the south of the city to the centre of town. Hundreds of thousands of people pass here every day, by boat, bus, car and on their

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