Safe valve replacement on DN800 pipeline with Proco Services technology

At SSAB’s steel mill in Oxelösund, there are two of Sweden’s three blast furnaces, which together can produce more than 5,000 tons of crude iron a day. In August 2017, Proco Services was commissioned to participate in the work of replacing valves on the blast furnace coking gas lines.

Proco Services engineers developed a new DN800 line stopping tool based on SSAB’s environment and requirements, including an operating temperature of 200 ˚C. In April 2018, Proco Services technicians carried out several DN400 dimension drills for bypass lines of the coke gas pipelines and then the DN800 lines were blocked with the new tools. Subsequently, SSAB could safely replace the broken valves without any disturbances in the steel production.

SSAB DN800-line stopping