Italian firm Ravetti S.R.L, is our main supplier with over 40 years of expertise. We appreciate their business knowledge and focus on safety and product development. Their constant work to grow and improve their product range makes them an interesting and reliable partner. We use both standard and high pressure systems from Ravetti.

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Proco Services

Proco Service’s patented tool, Proco System, is our standard system used from dimension DN150 onwards. With Proco System, small interventions on main pipes are made during line stopping, which makes the tools relatively flexible and also allows for adaptations for complex environments such as special pipe materials and dimensions or, for example, line stopping in a pipe bend.


SPX Flow

SPX Flow Technology Sweden AB, Tigerholm Series, a progressive company that develops, manufactures and sells innovative products for professional users within the HVAC, is a sister company to Proco Services. The foundation of both the SPX Flow and Proco Services business was created by the innovator Lars Tigerholm. Today we have a close cooperation with SPX Flow and we use their NoTap systems in certain HVAC environments.

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