Proco Services – Business Success via Product Development

Since the start twenty five years ago, Proco Services have constantly designed and developed unique hot tapping applications and solutions for their customers.

Since becoming CEO and owner of the company, Mikael Hannegård has amplified and speeded up the development process and his efforts have resulted in a vast number of new tools and working methods. Especially in the fields of water supply, drainage, sanitation, district heating and the industry. Thanks to the ambitious program for development and the strong customer focus, Proco Services’ technique offers a wide field of application. As a consequence, the firm’s customer base is constantly growing and diversifying. To satisfy customer demands, the company plans are to increase tool performance even further. Moreover, to guarantee overall quality of working methods and services, the entire company is working towards qualification for an ISO certification.

The company is growing steadily in both numbers and in scope. Thanks to its highly skilled personnel and constant expansion, Proco Services has become a both specialized and competitive partner to its customers.

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Mikael Hannegård

Peter Wrede

Peter Wrede
CEO/ Quality Assurance


Jacek Litwin
Service Manager / Sales


Roger Andersson


Mikael Sahlgren

Joachim Hannegård


Fredrik Fastrup