Hot tapping

We offer hot tapping on pressurized pipe systems in operation for new branch connections with minimal impact on media and distribution.


Advantages of Hot Tapping

– No interference in the distribution or loss of medium
– Eliminates the emission of harmful substance in the environment
– Reduces service time and scheduling of interruption in production / delivery
– Works successfully on all pressurized pipes of any type


Technical Features

– Size main pipe DN10 – DN∞
– Size branch connection DN10-DN400
– Temperature -20 to +200 °C
– Pressure max 25 bar


Type of pipes

Cast iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless, copper, PE, concrete etc.


Type of substance

Water, hot water, steam, compressed air, gas, lye, sludge, glycol, alkalis, oils etc.



A sleeve coupling is welded or screwed with band clamp on the pipe to be drilled. A closure valve is then mounted


… and then a drilling rig with a drive equipment, such as an electric motor or a pneumatic motor. The pipe is now prepared for drilling. We close the valve and a new connection is in place.