Fortum’s supply lines to Kista Science City were lowered for roadworks

proco kista

Kista district in the west of Stockholm is the meeting place for around 1,000 companies, active in telecommunications and information technology, gathered in Kista Science City. District cooling is delivered to the area by Fortum, through a supply line to a variety of major computer and server rooms. End users are usually big companies like Ericsson and Tele2, which are completely dependent on their computing power and the cooling system works.

When the roadway around Kista would be rebuilt and lowered, the supply line needed to be moved deeper into the ground. Proco Services was hired for the project, and began their mission to ensure the companies in Kista were continued supply of cooling while the work was in progress. Subsequently, the company used its patented tools to block the main pipes (DN400) to be prepared for cutting and closing with dished ends. When the new pipelines were placed deeper into the ground, the reconnection was done during line stopping. Renovation work could proceed as planned, and the whole procedure was performed without any disruption to Fortum’s customers in Kista.


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