Fortum moved lines to the Old Town for the reconstruction of Slussen

Proco - Fortum fjärrvärme

Slussen (the Lock) is one of Stockholm’s busiest traffic junctions, connecting the west and the south of the city to the centre of town. Hundreds of thousands of people pass here every day, by boat, bus, car and on their bicycles. The construction was built 80 years ago and is now undergoing a major overhaul which will both make it more functional and attractive but also secure future water supply for the capital’s inhabitants.

Before starting the grand project the main district heating pipes had to be moved. Since the area is home to many restaurants and small businesses, which are dependent on the warm water supply, it was crucial that the removal was done without any disturbances to the water distribution.

Poco Services blocked the line using two valves DN200 while a mobile boiler was attached to the pipes which provided the area with hot water during maintenance. Thanks to this, local businessmen were unaffected by the procedure.


Proco Fortum Fjärrvärme

Proco - Fortum Fjärrväme